Visual recognition, image-matching and digital annotation: early printed book illustration and the 15cBOOKTRADE Project

21 February 2017 1.00pm 2.00pm


Lecture Theatre, Weston Library (Map)


Matilde Malaspina and Abhishek Dutta


Pip Willcox


How was book illustration used, and how did it circulate in 15th-century printed editions, at a time when the spread of printing facilitated their availability to wider sections of society? What was its iconographic content and its relation to the text? Who were the artists who prepared the designs, and what were their relationships with the printers? What value does the iconographic apparatus have in reconstructing the transmission of a certain text from manuscript to print?

The 15cBOOKTRADE Project, in collaboration with the Visual Geometry Group (Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford) is experimenting the application to 15th-century printed images of a series of digital cataloguing and searching methods based on the integrated application of instance-based (ie image) and class-based (ie text) retrieval.

This co-operative project aims to provide scholars with new tools to systematically track and explore the production, use, circulation, and copy of the same woodblock, iconographic subject, artistic style, etc in 15th-century printed editions, enabling people to tackle long-standing historical questions.


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