Gough Map Symposium 2015: Mr Gough's 'curious map' of Britain: old image, new techniques

2 November 2015 9.00am 5.15pm


Lecture Theatre, Weston Library (Map)


Nick Millea (nick.millea@bodleian.ox.ac.uk)



A team of specialists report on the application of modern imaging technology to disentangle the Gough Map's complexities and understand its creation and function. Convened by Catherine Delano-Smith (Institute of Historical Research, London) and Nick Millea (Maps, Bodleian Library).

Confirmed speakers:

Catherine Delano-Smith on Mr Gough's map in 1780 and today

Christopher Clarkson (Bodleian) on conservation of the map

Adam Lowe (Factum Arte) and Jerry Brotton (Queen Mary University of London) on the digital facsimile

Andrew Beeby (Durham) on Raman pigment analysis

David Howell (Bodleian) on hyperspectral analysis

Peter Barber (formerly British Library), P.D.A. Harvey (Durham),  and Nigel Saul (Royal Holloway, London) on historical contexts of the map

Nick Millea, Damien Bove, Catherine Delano Smith and others on content of the map: coasts and rivers, sands, shipwrecks, fishes, pinholes and place signs ...

Christopher Whittick (East Sussex Record Office), and James Willoughby (New College, Oxford) on place names

Bill Shannon (Lancashire) offers a regional case study 


Registration for this event is open until 28 October, 2015.  There is a registration fee of £25. Payment is via the University of Oxford online store, at this link.

If you wish to join the post-symposium dinner, at a cost of £20 taken after the meal, please email Nick Millea at nick.millea@bodleian.ox.ac.uk 


There is a registration fee of £25 for this event. Use the University of Oxford online store to register and pay.

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