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Ethiopian & Eritrean Co-curation Project

The Bodleian Libraries has a collection of manuscripts and icons from Ethiopia and Eritrea, including illuminated gospels in Ge'ez, the Kǝbrä Nägäst, and The Harp of Mary.

Members of the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities from Oxford, London, and Milton Keynes are working with the Bodleian to co-curate a display planned for summer 2019, which will help us to find out more about these precious books and manuscripts and share them with the public.

Events so far have included an initial scoping meeting in July 2017, a family day in July 2018,and a study day in September 2018.

At our first co-curation workshop in November 2018 we made good progress in selecting manuscripts and discussing plans for the display.

We are looking forward to a second workshop in the new year and to an event in July 2019 to celebrate the opening of the display.

For more information about the project, or to join the mailing list, please email

Colouring sheets

Click on the images below to download and complete the Bodleian Libraries Ethiopian and Eritrean colouring sheets.

Ethiopian and Eritrean colouring sheet - black and white illustration Ethiopian and Eritrean colouring sheet - black and white illustration Ethiopian and Eritrean colouring sheet - black and white illustration

Photograph of a Ethiopian manuscripts with illustrations  Photograph of a Ethiopian manuscripts with illustrationsPhotograph of a Ethiopian manuscripts


This ongoing Bodleian Libraries project is in partnership with the Faculty of Classics and the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, and is supported by the John Fell Fund and The Helen Hamlyn Trust. We are particularly grateful for the expertise of members of the Anglo-Ethiopian Society and the Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox Churches in London.


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The Bodleian Libraries Education Programme is generously supported by the Helen Hamlyn Trust. 

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