Benjamin Disraeli

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24 January 2011, Lord Hurd talked about Benjamin Disraeli, later 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, (1804-1881) Conservative prime minister and novelist. The seminar was chaired by Professor Martin Ceadel, New College, Oxford.

Lord Hurd took as his theme the five points listed in 1842 by Disraeli under the title ‘The Two Nations’; a topic to which Disraeli would return in his novel, Sybil or the two nations (1845).

A two-page extract from Sybil is reproduced in the exhibition marking Disraeli’s bicentenary in 2004:

A new Disraeli item was also shown at the event: twenty six letters in a volume of ‘Disraeliana’. The letters, which provide insights into Disraeli’s political style and personality, were written to Sir Henry Stracey (1802-85), a Conservative backbench MP and one of his most loyal supporters. The volume was purchased in November 2010 with the aid of the Friends of the Bodleian and the Friends of the National Library.

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