Quick Search replaces old Sunrays

15 October 2015

Over the summer, the Libraries replaced their old Sunray computers with new Quick Search PCs. These are more secure and offer a better service for our readers. Quick Search gives access to key online resources and information without requiring readers to log on. These are provided as quick look up terminals, to give access to selected information online, and to enable library users to reset library passwords. 'Full access' Reader PCs remain available.

Please be aware of the following about Quick Search PCs:
  • Image of reader enquiries area in Weston Library, University of Oxfordprinting is available via PCAS (Print Copy & Scan) Remote Print only. Direct PCAS printing as on Reader PCs is not available;
  • files can be saved to the desktop for printing, but USB access has been restricted;
  • library passwords can be reset via the password icon on the desktop;
  • web browsing is restricted to an 'allowed list' of sites. This list comprises some 7,000 websites which constitute library catalogues and collections;
  • access to a limited set of popular email clients is permitted, eg Oxford Nexus, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail;
  • sound is available; readers must plug in headphones in to the PC;
  • readers are advised to close the web browser after completing their session. This removes all credentials used for the web browser;
  • if readers are saving files to desktop for printing purposes, they are advised to restart the PC after completing their session. This allows files to be deleted from the desktop;
  • on closure of the web browser, a new SOLO session will open after a few seconds;
  • Readers are advised not to use Quick Search PCs for PCAS top-ups as some secure bank portals may not be accessible. To top up, please:
    • use a full Reader PC or
    • buy a cash PCAS top-up at a library issue desk or cash top up machine.

Readers can log on to Reader PCs (located nearby) using their library username and password to gain access to a fuller range of functionality, including the ability to save to USB sticks.

Please see a member of staff if you have any questions.

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