Degree ceremonies - Restrictions to Bodleian Library - 6 & 7 November

5 November 2015

Degree ceremonies being held in the Sheldonian Theatre on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 November 2015 mean there will be access restrictions to the Clarendon Quad at the Bodleian Library 10am-1pm on Friday and 10am-4.30pm on Saturday.

All gates to the Clarendon Quad will be closed from 10am. Access will only be available to those taking part in the ceremony. Gates will not be reopened until after the ceremonies have finished, at approximately 1pm on Friday and 4.30pm on Saturday. The controlled gates will be the Broad Street and Catte Street gates, all other gates will remain locked.

Readers can gain access to the Old Bodleian Library reading rooms via the Great Gate or South Arch.

Image of the Clarendon Building and Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford, credit David Townshend

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