Switching to OxLIP+

25 November 2008

Following the successful launch of OxLIP+ (http://oxlip-plus.ouls.ox.ac.uk), the old version of OxLIP (http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/oxlip/oxlip.html) will be discontinued from 15 December 2008.

The new service OxLIP+ offers all the functionality of old OxLIP, such as the ability to locate individual bibliographic databases and
e-collections by title or by subject and much more, namely:

  • remote access via Single Sign-On
  • cross-searching across several databases
  • more sophisticated subject break-down
  • improved title/keyword searching
  • personalized services in the "My Research" area.

Furthermore, the export functionality in OxLIP+ means that the titles of all databases can be searched and displayed in SOLO.

Feedback shows that, of all these improvements, the fact that remote users are no longer required to use VPN when using OxLIP+ for remote access is considered by far the most important enhancement.

If you experience problems accessing OxLIP+, please contact the Electronic Resources Team on eresources@bodleian.ox.ac.uk. Alternatively, you may want to speak to your college, site or subject librarian (www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/libraries/subjects/librarians).

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