Update - Moving the Hooke and Geography Libraries

17 August 2007

The Hooke Library collections have been moved to the Radcliffe Science Library.  An interim fetch service is currently in operation for readers wishing to borrow Hooke stock and requests should be made at the Hooke Library.  It is anticipated that there will be no lending between 10-15 September. The RSL will open as a lending library on 17 September offering access to all Hooke collections.


The present Geography Library site at Mansfield Road closes after 7 September and the collections will be relocated to the RSL between 10-28 September.


The Radcliffe Science Library will close completely for one day on 28 September to finalise the merger of the two collections.


Completion of the construction work at the Radcliffe Science Library has been delayed owing to the discovery of unexpected quantities of asbestos. However, work on the building has been re-scheduled in such a way as to ensure that the RSL will function effectively as a lending library from 1 October even though the final elements of the repurposing programme will only be in place by the beginning of January 2008.  Entry to the RSL will continue to be through the portakabins.


Whilst the Hooke and Geography and Environment Libraries will cease to exist as separate libraries from 1 October, relocation of these collections means that readers wishing to borrow material will benefit from the RSL's longer weekday and weekend opening hours.


Our aim is to continue to provide all services. Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone (72800) or e-mail (enquiries.rsl@bodleian.ox.ac.uk) and please remember to check our website.


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