Two lectures to review strategic themes for 21st century academic libraries, Thursday 17 June 2010

16 June 2010

Two lectures will be given this Thursday, June 17, that will review strategic themes for 21st century academic libraries.

The lectures will be given by Carole Wedge, President, and Janette Blackburn, Principal of Shepley Bulfinch, award-winning library design and architectural consultants. Shepley Bulfinch has advised the Bodleian on the plans for the renovation of the New Bodleian and the Underground Bookstore in Radcliffe Square. They have previously managed the building and design for many major research libraries at Yale, Princeton, Cornell and Duke University as well as the redevelopment of Boole Library, University College Cork. The lectures, which will be highly visual, will take place on Thursday 17 June in the Lecture Theatre at the Museum of Natural History, Parks Road.

Lecture One: The College Library as Intellectual Hearth (12.00-1.00pm, coffee from 11.30am on the gallery outside the Lecture Theatre)

An opportunity to “walk through” some of the most recent academic libraries designed by Shepley Bulfinch and a highly visual presentation of the latest concepts in library design to cover the changing modes of student learning and engagement, fostering scholarly communities, integrating technology and digital resources, and the changing face of collections and planning for flexibility and change.

Lecture Two: Library Edges: From Porous Boundaries to Transitional Spaces (5.00pm - 6.00pm)

This lecture will explore the latest thinking in library space design and is particularly relevant to academics and librarians with an interest in the development of Oxford’s ROQ site. It will review how library spaces incorporate the use of digital resources and services alongside the use of printed books and documents and support collaboration and interaction, teaching in the library and community and global outreach via displays and events. This lecture will also provide the opportunity to “visit” new academic libraries created by Shepley Bulfinch via a visual presentation.

Open to all members of the University.

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