Envionmental author pays tribute to Oxford science library

30 May 2007

  mark_lynasAn author of a new book on the environment has paid tribute to the unique role played in his research by an Oxford library. 

Mark Lynas, author, journalist and environmental activist, spent over two years in the Radcliffe Science Library researching his latest book, Six Degrees: our Future in a Hotter Planet (HarperCollins), which describes the gloomy consequences for the environment of carbon emissions.  Reading through hundreds of scientific papers, Mark Lynas spent at least two or three days a week in the library. He even preferred working in the library’s underground reading room as he found natural daylight distracting.

  In an interview with Gabriella Netting, Head of Academic Liaison Services, he said how much he appreciated the access to the huge number of electronic resources that his library membership provided him. ‘Thanks to the RSL,’ he told her, ‘Oxford is one of the only places in the world where I could have written this book.’  He also acknowledged the help he received from library staff, especially in finding papers that he could not easily access.

Mark Lynas will be a guest speaker at a conference in Oxford Town Hall (2-8 pm) on 5 June, World Environment Day, entitled ‘Climate Change Oxford - what you can do now’; see www.oxford.gov.uk/news/climate-event.cfm.


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