Return by Post FAQs

I am overseas and unable to use the Royal Mail tracked service, how do I return my books? 

If you are overseas and do not intend to return to Oxford, please contact Staff will provide instructions to arrange safe collection of your library books via our nominated international courier. There is no charge. 

I live in the UK but cannot take my books to the post office, how should I return them? 

Please contact We will arrange collection from a chosen address for those unable to get to a post office. 

I have already returned my library books to a Bodleian Libraries Returns Hub or another Oxford location, why are they still appearing on my account? 

Due to building closures, staffing restrictions and quarantining measures, it takes time to process loans returned via Bodleian Return Hubs or other Oxford locations. Staff are working hard to clear readers’ accounts. Please contact if you have any questions.  

I will be returning to Oxford in January, can I retain the books for now? 

Yes. All Bodleian Libraries loans are currently due Friday 29 January and readers can retain their library books until then if they wish. 

I have recently borrowed books using the Bodleian Libraries Click and Collect service, can I use the postal scheme to return them? 

To avoid placing undue strain on our postal arrangements, we ask that those readers using the Bodleian Libraries Click and Collect service return their books in person if possible. 

Which books can I return using the Bodleian Libraries free postal returns scheme? 

Books belonging to any of the Bodleian Libraries can be returned via the scheme. 

I am in one place and the books are in another, what should I do? 

Please email with an update of your circumstances and we will work with you to arrange the timely return of your library books. 

I have an inter-library loan from the Bodleian. Can I make use of the scheme to return it? 

The Bodleian postal returns scheme does not currently allow for the return of inter-library loans. Please contact for further information. 

Do I need to affix a return label to my parcel? 

Yes, this will be generated by our nominated delivery services and sent to you electronically. 

Will I be reimbursed for the money spent on packaging? 

Unfortunately not. The Bodleian Libraries have endeavoured to offer a range of ways to return your loans free of charge; we ask that readers cover the cost of packaging. 
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