Important: Graduate Study Room: planned closure, Tuesday 8th April

It is planned to close the Graduate Study Room for the whole of Tuesday 8th April (see, however, note below).

Staff will be happy to fetch books from the GSR for you. Please fill out a slip at the Enquiry Desk and hand it one of the librarians.

The room is being closed as part of the phased replacement of distribution boards during the Easter vacation (see earlier notice for further details).

NOTE: The GSR will only be closed if a distribution-board replacement elsewhere in the building, scheduled for Monday 7th April, is completed on time. As the work on Monday is particularly complex, it is possible that the GSR replacement may have to be rescheduled for later in the vac. If the GSR is to remain open on the 8th April, we shall notify readers as soon as possible via this website and notices in the library.

We apologise for any inconvenience that the above may cause. 

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