External repairs and painting project, summer and early autumn 2017

Update 24th May 2017: The scaffolding work is now scheduled to start w/b Monday 29th May.

This spring, Estates have been undertaking preliminary work to restore the windows throughout the Taylor Institution building. The work done so far has been the start of a project that will see external window repairs and redecoration, as well as repairs to the roof and skylights.

The project will involve the contractor, Beard, putting up scaffolding around the Victorian part of the building to roof height – along St Giles’, Beaumont Street, the Ashmolean forecourt and the inner courtyard (the area beyond the Slavonic Reading Room and the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Reading Room).

During the building of the scaffolding, there will be periods when there will be noise from the ratchet guns used to tighten the bolts but the contractor advises that this will be intermittent.

The scaffolding work is likely to start on Monday 22nd May, although final confirmation of this is still pending.  It is anticipated that the scaffolding will be down by mid-October.

During the project, part of the Common Room will be used as the contractor’s site office.

The project is intended to repair damage to windows, making them water and air-tight, redecorate external woodwork and stop leaks from the roof and skylights.

We apologise to readers for any inconvenience the above project may cause. If you wish to discuss the project, please contact the Taylor Operations Manager, Frank Egerton, in the first instance: frank.egerton@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

Further updates will posted on the Taylor website in due course: http://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/taylor.

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