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From 8-13th July 2019, the first Oxford/Groningen Old Frisian Summer School will be held at St Edmund Hall with lectures in the Taylor Institution Library on 11th July (these lectures are open to all).

Speakers from both universities (and beyond) will give lectures on linguistic and historical connections between Old Frisian and Old English. In afternoon workshops, students will get acquainted with Old Frisian by translating a variety of texts of religious, legal or legendary nature. By the end of the week students should be able to read Old Frisian with the help of a grammar and a dictionary. The special topic for this first summer school is ‘Anglo-Saxon connections’, with a discussion panel on the hypothesis of an Anglo-Frisian proto-language, to be held in the Taylor Institution Library.

The partnership with Groningen University will extend to a second Old Frisian Summer School next year in Groningen. This project is funded by the TORCH International Partnership Scheme and the OMS Small Grants.

For more details on the program and online application, see the project website www.ling-phil.ox.ac.uk/oldfrisian. Enquiries are welcome on oldfrisian@ling-phil.ox.ac.uk.

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