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KeepCups with price tag £6.00

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KeepCups are travel mugs endorsed by Bodleian Libraries because they are specially designed to MINIMISE SPILLAGES when being used. KeepCups are NOT WATERTIGHT.

Please use responsibly – close between sips and pour any leftovers into a sink.

There will still be no food or drinks allowed in other containers within the library, except for bottled water.

They are available for purchase from the desk at the SSL for only £6.00.

Libraries that permit and sell KeepCups:

  • Bodleian Education Library
  • Bodleian Health Care Libraries
  • Bodleian Law Library
  • Bodleian Social Science Library
  • Continuing Education Library
  • Latin American Centre Library
  • Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library
  • Radcliffe Science Library
  • Taylor Institution Library

Libraries that permit but do not sell KeepCups:

  • Bodleian Library – Gladstone Link
  • Bodleian Library – Old Library [except Duke Humfrey’s Library]
  • Bodleian Library – Radcliffe Camera and History Faculty Library
  • English Faculty Library
  • Music Faculty Library
  • Sainsbury Library
  • Tylor Anthropology Library
  • Vere Harmsworth Library
  • Wellcome Unit Library
Check with your college library to see if they allow KeepCups.
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