Borrowing Privileges

Readers with disabilities may be registered as privileged members. This membership gives them extended loans i.e. standard loans for 28 days, short loans for 10 days. It also increases their borrowing allowance to 40 items at a time. In exceptional cases these allowances may be extended for individual readers with the agreement of the SSL Librarian or Disability Contact (and are noted on the readerís record).

NB Fines still apply though library staff may use their discretion to waive them if there are reasonable disability related reasons.

Renewals, Reservations and Enquiries

Email reminders are sent out 1 day before the due date.

All readers may renew by telephone, in person, or online using SOLO.

Disabled readers with privileged membership may also renew and request reservations by email.

Proxy Borrowing

Readers can request proxy borrowing on their accounts. This allows a personal assistant, support worker or colleague to reserve, return or collect items for them. All items borrowed in this way remain the responsibility of the disabled reader.

Transporting items between libraries

This is generally only available for Stack Request items (i.e. from the Bodleian Bookstack, RSL Stack, or RHO Stack). Exceptionally, however, the SSL may transfer items for consultation in other libraries.

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