Privileged borrowing of RSL material designated Library Use Only (ie not normally lent) is available to teaching and research staff and doctoral students of science departments (including clinical medical departments).

Privileged borrowers must agree to, and abide by, the library's borrowing regulations shown below.

Application forms are available at the Main Enquiry desk at the RSL.

Borrowing regulations

  1. Items may be borrowed from the RSL by those who have been granted the privilege of borrowing under the terms of Statt. Tit. Viii, Sect. iv clause 15 (1993 edition).
  2. Items may be borrowed at the Enquiry Desk staff in the Entrance Hall. Staff are empowered to refuse permission if it is considered that the items are likely to be required by other readers.
  3. The following classes may not be borrowed, save for exceptional reasons approved by Reader Services Librarians:
    - General reference items.
    - Reference copies of standard textbooks at undergraduate level (loan copies of these are available).
    - Current issues of periodicals.
    - Books from the Rare Book room or other books of exceptional value.
    - Bodley materials.
  4. The loan period is 7 days and, if the item is returned late, fines are charged at 20p per day per item.
  5. Items must be returned to the Enquiry Desk.
  6. The borrower must have a locked office or secure area within his or her department.
  7. Items must be kept in the Department specified by the borrower on his or her application: they may not be transferred to any other person, whether a privileged borrower or not. Any breach of this regulation will be treated as a breach of the library statute, with consequential penalties.
  8. Borrowing privileges are withdrawn from those persons who, for whatever reason, no longer have a departmental office or secure space in the department (e.g. upon retirement).
  9. Any borrower losing, damaging or marking a Library volume will be required to replace it at his or her own cost, and will be subject to such proceedings as the Bodleian Library Statute may require, including possible exclusion from the Library.
  10. Any item borrowed should be returned as soon as the borrower has finished with it. The loan period is 7 days.
  11. Items may be renewed up to 9 times: by phone, online, or in person.
  12. Items must be returned immediately if recalled by library staff.
  13. Any person failing to comply with these regulations is likely to be deprived of the privilege of borrowing.
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