Study Areas

The RSL has numerous study areas of varying types:

  • The reading rooms (Levels 5 to 8) are for quiet study.
  • The Lounge on Level 4, just off the Entrance Hall provides a comfortable setting for group and private study.
  • The small room at the south end of Level 6 has comfortable seating and tables suitable for private study.
  • The small rooms at the Abbot's Kitchen ends of Levels 5 and 7 have tables which can be used as whiteboards, and are suitable for group study.
  • The Group Study Room on Level 3 is a bookable space for collaborative study. It can be used on a drop-in basis when available.
  • There are 3 study carrels on Level 3. All readers are welcome to use these on a drop-in basis. Disabled University members have priority and can book carrels in advance. The carrels are suitable for media use which may disturb readers in other locations.
  • The Henry Acland Room (Level 3) is suitable for group and private study and is occasionally used for events.
  • The John Kidd Room is a small private room found behind the study carrels on Level 3. It can be used by small groups and for private study when not otherwise in use.
  • The Abbot's Kitchen Training Room on Level 4 is available for group or individual study when not in use for training.

Social areas

The Radcliffe Science Library has two social areas where eating and drinking are permitted:

  • The Lounge is on Level 4, just off the Entrance Hall.
  • The Abbot's Kitchen is reached via the staircase from Levels 5 and 7. Chat, relax, eat and drink in the art-deco inspired surroundings. Vending machines provide hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, snacks and chocolate.

The only refreshments allowed in other parts of the library are drinking water and beverages contained in a KeepCup (for sale at the Enquiry Desk).

Training Room

The Abbot's Kitchen Training Room is located on the ground floor (Level 4) of The Radcliffe Science Library, on the opposite side of the car park from the Entrance Hall.  There is no direct access from the car park or Entrance Hall so it is reached via Level 5.

The room is used to offer induction sessions, courses for undergraduates and postgraduates, Bodleian iSkills sessions and in-house (staff) training. It is available for bookings - please contact us to do so. Hire charges apply (see below).

When not in use for training the room is available as a computer drop-in cluster for all RSL readers. A calendar of scheduled training is posted on the door of the room and online and there is a "Room in Use" sign.

Room facilities

  • Capacity 35
  • 30 PCs for course attendees' use (Windows 7)
  • 2 presenters' PCs (Windows 7)
  • 2 projectors (Presenters can connect their own laptops to the projectors using a standard VGA connection)
  • Flipchart
  • Height adjustable desk
  • Desk with an ergonomic keyboard and number pad
  • Infra-red hearing system that works without the need for the presenter to wear a microphone
  • Refreshment area and toilet facilities adjacent

All machines have Microsoft Office 2016, ArcGIS, SPSS and bibliographic referencing tools installed. 20 machines (which are labelled) also have Matlab. Please note that we are not able to install additional software on demand - if you wish to book this room please contact us to make sure we are able to meet your technical requirements.

Hours of availability

  • Term 9am-9.45pm
  • Vacation 9am-6.45pm

Hire charges

Applicable to Oxford University departments and external organisations

  • £50 per hour or
  • £175 per half day (up to 4 hours) or
  • £350 per day (4 to 8 hours)

Group Study Room

The Group Study Room on Level 3 of The Radcliffe Science Library is available for students wishing to collaborate on projects. It can be booked in advance by University members only (please contact us to do so) and there are no hire charges for this service. The Group Study Room can be used on a drop-in basis if not otherwise in use.

Room facilities

  • Capacity 16
  • 2 whiteboards
  • Presenter's PC (Windows 7)
  • Projector and screen
  • Large wall-mounted LCD monitor
  • 2 desktop PCs (Windows 7)
  • Moveable desks
  • VHS video player
  • Wireless network access
  • Wheelchair access

Hours of availability

  • Term 9am-9.45pm
  • Vacation 9am-6.45pm

The Hive

The Hive is a suite of consultation spaces where you can meet with your Subject Librarian to discuss your needs and what the Bodleian Libraries can do to support your studies and research.

Room facilities

  • Wireless network access
  • 5 PCs
  • Large wall-mounted LCD monitor
  • Movable space dividers and whiteboards
  • Flexible spaces for informal, private or quiet discussions or meetings

We can offer support for the following in the Hive:

Please contact us for further enquiries or to make an appointment, or contact your Subject Librarian directly.

Subject Librarians

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