2nd Parallel Universe Poetry Competition

Many thanks to all entrants in the 2013 competition, and to all involved (readers,  helpers and audience members) in making the reception and reading of the winning entries on 11th October a success.

The Winning Entries Are ...

Refraction by Roy Woolley [MP3, 852.5 KB]

X-ray by Samir Guglani [MP3, 1.0 MB]

Transplanted by Sarah James [MP3, 782.9 KB]

Knockout Mouse Model by Maya Popa [MP3, 1.7 MB]

Mr Higgs by Lindsay Oldham [MP3, 560.7 KB]

Anatomy Lesson, December by Rosemary Appleton [MP3, 1.7 MB]

Account from the Leper Colony at Culion by Paul Scott [MP3, 1.0 MB]

Family Unit by Anna Hobson [MP3, 692.7 KB]

Leighton, 1989 by Katharine Wiseman [MP3, 1.5 MB]

Thorium 238 by Kate Dempsey [MP3, 968.2 KB]

Parallel Universe is organised by the Radcliffe Science Library in association with the Museum of the History of Science, and is open to all members of Oxford University students, staff and alumni. The judges this year are Ceri Lloyd and Jenny Lewis.

For further details and enquiries, please contact Ceri Lloyd:

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