IT Services (formerly OUCS) and Liz McCarthy of the Bodleian Libraries have been working to put together ‘Engage: Social Media Michaelmas’ – a full term of social media and digital communications events around the University with the aim of helping an academic community of staff and students explore tools and strategies for building online presence, social networking and digital engagement.  This has resulted in a strong programme of events, including workshops on online presence and editing Wikipedia, classes on podcasting, image manipulation and copyright and lunchtime sessions on Facebook pages, Twitter for Academia, and keeping up to date. A number of outside speakers will be brought in to discuss areas such as using social media to improve your citation rankings, working with Creative Commons licensing and more. See for further details of events.


The programme of events is designed to complement a University-wide 23 Things for Research course, a self-directed online programme aimed at University researchers, academics, students and staff that provides a framework in which to explore 23 social media and digital communications ‘things’ over a period of ten weeks. The 23 Things for Research blog ( provides information on signing up and can be used to follow along and see who else in the University community is participating.

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