To mark the 150th anniversary of experimental psychology with Gustav Fechnerís publication Elemente der Psychophysik in 1860, the Radcliffe Science Library presents an exhibition on the history of experimental psychology in Oxford from Wednesday 22 June until Friday 30 September 2011.

On the opening day on Wednesday 22 June Profs Oliver Braddick and Larry Weiskrantz gave a presentation on The Past, Present and Future of Experimental Psychology in Oxford.  If you have missed this event, you can view the videos below:

Talks by Profs Larry Weiskrantz and Oliver Braddick:

Summary of the history of the Department:

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The event was organised by the Radcliffe Science Library with contributions from the Department of Experimental Psychology, and Oxford Museum of the History of Science.

Project manager: Karine Barker

Special thanks to Oliver Braddick, Anita Butterworth, Angela Carter, Alan Cowey, Catherine Dockerty, and Larry Weiskrantz.

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