Rules and Regulations

Important: By registering at the Sackler Library, readers are deemed to agree to abide by the Bodleian Libraries Rules of Conduct for Readers, by any local regulations set out below and by amendments as posted on notice boards.

Local regulations

  • Food and drink: it is strictly forbidden to bring food and drink into the Library except water in closed clear bottles to be kept on the floor under the desk. Similarly substances such as ink, tippex, hand cream and similar are not allowed in the Library and will be confiscated without return.

  • Lockers/no bags: bags up to the standard laptop size (approximately A3) can be brought into the Library. Readers are required to leave other bags and briefcases in the lockers, which are located by the entrance and are operated by £1 coins (returnable). Please note we do not provide a bulky item storage service. Any unattended items found in the locker rooms or the lobby will be disposed of. Plastic bags for use in the Library are provided free at the reception desk. All lockers MUST be emptied each day before closing time.

Reading rooms code of conduct

Readers are requested to abide by the code of conduct published on notices in the staircase lobbies and the notices posted at desks.
In particular, please maintain quiet at all times and turn off mobile phones in the reading rooms; the intermediate landings on the staircases (as indicated) may be used for quiet conversations or essential phone calls.

Only the computers in the front of the Ground Floor should be used for e-mail.

Please treat library stock with due care. In the interests of safety and quiet please use rolling cases gently and with awareness of other readers.

Reshelving and reservation

Please help us to help you by:

  • returning books to a reshelving point as soon as you have finished with them so that they can be made available to other readers;
  • clearing your desk and switching off the lamp when you leave it.

Readers may not reserve desks but may reserve up to 10 items at one of the reservation points for use the following day. If not collected they will subsequently be reshelved.


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