The main entrance to the building is in St John Street. Registered readers can use the accessible swipe point to open the front doors. Non-registered readers can use the intercom to gain access and for assistance.

Readers with mobility problems can be given access to the Library through the swing gate exit to facilitate entry.

All floors in the Library are accessible by lift but if readers are unable to evacuate by the stairs, they should discuss an evacuation plan with the Library staff before accessing these floors. The lift buttons are brailled and in large print. If out of order, disabled readers are permitted to use the staff lift. The lift will stop working in case of a fire alarm. Readers with mobility problems that may need help during a building evacuation can choose to stay on the ground floor for the duration of their visit and have a desk reserved for them. Please let desk staff know in advance of your visit to guarantee a desk reservation. Desk staff can fetch books from other floors or from higher shelves.

All readers are reminded that after 16h30 the lift service company can take up to 4 hours to attend a breakdown. Please bear this in mind when choosing to use the lift after 16h30. Disabled toilets are located in the ground floor lobby and on the second floor of the Library.

Water fountains are located in the ground floor lift lobby and in the toilet corridor on the second floor of the Library.

Extended Loans

Readers with disabilities may request extended loans. Please write to to discuss your requirements.

Accessibility Equipment

Equipment  Location Benefits 
Fixed and portable induction loops Porter's Lodge and Issue Desk Aids communication with people with hearing difficulties who wear a hearing aid with a T facility.
Study Carrel

Walk-in carrel: Floor 3

Bookable carrel: Floor 2

Provides a private study space away from distractions. May facilitate the use of assistive technology.
Ergonomic chair Ground Floor and Floor 3 study carrel Adjustable to support your body and to help you to maintain good posture.
Height adjustable desk Ground Floor and Floor 3 study carrel Adjustable to whatever height is most comfortable for you. Can be used as a standing desk.
Foot stool Ask at Issue Desk  Helps you to maintain good posture, and can help to reduce pressure on your legs.
Screen riser Ask at Issue Desk  Allows you to raise your monitor to the correct level for comfortable viewing.
Daylight lamp Ask at Issue Desk Mimics the quality and spectrum of natural daylight.
Dimmable task light Ask at Issue Desk Allows you to set lighting at the level which suits you best.
Book stand Ask at Issue Desk Allows you to read hands-free while maintaining good posture.
Magnifier Ask at Issue Desk Useful for magnifying text to make it more readable. Can reduce strain on your eyes.
Coloured acetate sheets & reading rulers Ask at Issue Desk Can help you to stay focused on the page you're by reducing perceptual visual distortions.
Coloured printing paper Ask at Issue Desk  Can help you to read text more easily if you find a white background difficult for reading.
Earplugs Ask at Issue Desk Can reduce auditory distractions.

For enquiries concerning supporting equipment and materials, please contact Library staff or email

Accessible Resources Unit (ARACU)

ARACU creates alternative formats for disabled students who can't access printed materials. They can provide material in electronic format, audio DAISY CD, Braille and also tactile diagrams.

ARACU also has a variety of assistive technology, both hardware and software available for lending to students.

Contact details

ARACU manager and the Bodleian Libraries' Disability Librarian:

Administrator: Sally Jordan

Osney One Building
Osney Mead
Tel: +44 (0)1865 (2)83862

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