Finishing your degree

While coming to the end of your degree can be a busy and stressful time, there are a number of things to keep in mind as you prepare to finish your degree and leave Oxford.

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Return all library books

If you have any books borrowed from university libraries please return them to the owning library before you leave. This will save on postage or return trips to Oxford (and fines!) later.

Pay for outstanding fines and lost books

You can pay for all fines owed to any of the Bodleian Libraries in any Bodleian lending library. If you owe money for lost books you will need to visit the library that owns the book you have lost.

Alternatively you can pay for your fines and PTFL books you may have lost via the online store. You will need to know the exact amount owed in each case, and you can find this out by signing in to SOLO and looking at "My Account". If you are no longer able to sign in to SOLO, or have any questions please contact the library.

Use up your PCAS credit

Any unused credit on your PCAS account cannot be refunded and so we urge you to use it before you leave Oxford. On request, credit can be transferred to another PCAS account. Please email pcas [at]

Your PCAS account will only close after 2 years of inactivity. It can therefore be used again if you visit the Bodleian Libraries at a later date.

You may need to change the email address associated with your PCAS account if it expires with your university card so you can still get your account details if you forget them. This can be done on the PCAS webpay site.

You can also use your PCAS credit to pay for Bodleian Library Postal Photocopying and Scan & Deliver requests.

Alumni privileges

Reader's card

As a graduate of the University of Oxford you are entitled to a Reader's Card for reference access to the Bodleian Libraries. Details on how to apply are on the Getting a reader's card page.

Alumni access to resources

Alumni access to selected resources is available. More information can be found on the Bodleian Alumni access to resources page.

RefWorks Reference Manager

If you have registered for an individual RefWorks account you will have lifetime access to that account (for as long as we continue to subscribe). More information is available on the Bodleian Libraries' RefWorks page.

Not leaving Oxford yet?

If you are continuing your studies at Oxford in the next academic year, but your card is expiring soon don't worry! We can extend your membership of the PTFL to continue borrowing books until your new course starts if you provide:

  • an official letter to show you have been conditionally accepted on a Masters course/DPhil; OR
  • an e-mail to the main library account from someone in your department to confirm you have been accepted or conditionally accepted.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide swipe access to the library or remote access to Electronic Resources (other than those available to alumni, see above) until you receive your new University Card.

Best of luck!

Whatever you are going on to do when you finish your studies at the University of Oxford, we wish you the best of luck.

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