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Although there are many ways to increase the environmental sustainability of the PTFL itself, an increasingly important way to improve the local environment is by using a sustainable form of transport to travel to the library. Sustainable travel benefits the environment by improving air quality, reducing congestion, and reducing carbon emissions from unnecessary vehicles. We would therefore urge all readers to take advantage of the following schemes set up by the university:

Oxford Bikes

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University of Oxford Staff Car Sharing Scheme

This scheme not only cuts congestion and pollution within the city, but can also save the typical commuter £1,000 a year! To sign up, visit this website:

 Bicycle Loan Scheme

Want a new bike? The university offers an interest-free loan to University staff to help them purchase a bicycle and associated safety equipment. The loan is repayable over 12 months, and more details can be found here:

Mobile Mechanic

Have a problem with your bike? Then take it to the mobile mechanic! The mechanic visits several locations around Oxford, and labour costs are free for Oxford University Staff. To find out more, visit this website:

Bus/Train Pass Scheme

If you frequently travel by bus or train to the city centre, you should take advantage of the interest-free loans provided by the university for bus and train passes. On certain bus routes, the university also offers a 10% discount off the standard price. More information can be found here:


Need to get from one lecture to another quickly? Or maybe you need to travel from one meeting to the next? Then use Oxonbikes to make sure your trip across the city is environmentally friendly! This bike sharing scheme is cheap to use, and there are stations throughout the city, including the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter. To find out more information about the scheme, visit:

Cycling Expenses

Did you know that members of university staff can use cycles for business journeys? Currently, the university pays 20 pence per mile for all journeys made on a bicycle. All you have to do is fill out an Expenses Form. To find out more, visit:

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Sustainable Travel in Oxford

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