Law Library Remodelling

The Bodleian Law Library is a wonderful research facility with an excellent collection. However, having been planned and built over 40 years ago, some of these facilities are no longer appropriate for the current day needs of the readers, researchers, academic staff and library staff. The Law Library has outgrown the space available for the collection, and also for its staff.

Remodelling of the Law Library is needed and will ideally take place in the 2014-15 academic year (to be confirmed).  The remodelling will address four areas of need:

  • To increase shelf space for the law collection, mobile shelving units will be installed on the ground floor to hold the superseded materials. These materials will still be accessible to readers; placing them in mobile stacks increases the shelf space and allows for ongoing growth of the collection.
  • The Law Library's collection of Rare books (pre-1800) are housed in locked cases in the main section of the library, in conservation boxes to prevent exposure to heat and humidity. The creation of a purpose built Rare Books Room, with separate and specific atmospheric controls, will ensure the long-term preservation of these precious materials for posterity.
  • Library staff numbers have trebled since the library was built, but the staff work areas had not increased. To meet the standards expected today of proper work space and environments for staff, it will be necessary to extend the available space for staff so that they are provided with suitable work facilities.
  • The library entrance is no longer suitable to the nature of the service we need to provide our readers. There is a need to redesign this entrance to improve access to the library adn the desk services we offer. 

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