Bodleian's Old Schools Quad


Bodleian’s Old Schools Quadrangle – Repaving Project

As part of the Underground Bookstore and Old Bodleian Library Access Project, work to raise the level of the Old Schools Quadrangle began in December 2010. The historic space was in need of repair, as it was repaved last more than fifty years ago, when the former gravel surface was replaced. An etching from 1675 shows the threshold of various doors of the Quadrangle as level with the ground, in contrast to the current arrangement where there is a step up to the doors. The restoring and relevelling the Quadrangle allows the Bodleian to offer level access at four major doorways, enabling us to reduce the number of ramps. 

Existing or reclaimed slabs were used where possible to recreate the existing pattern of paving with perimeter pathway and two crossing paths in the centre. The four infill sections of paving are new stone set on a diagonal angle radiating from the centre of the square to match the pattern in the 1675 etching.  Existing paving was reused where possible.

The project was completed May 2011. Thank you for your patience during the changes.

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