Lower Archive Room Index

The index to the contents of the Lower Archive Room was compiled on handwritten slips in the 1970s and early 1980s and was intended to be a guide to subjects to which the material in the Lower Archive Room relates. It was subsequently converted to a word-processed format and substantially corrected and edited in 2002. The index should ideally be consulted in conjunction with the Lower Archive Room shelflist which can provide some context.

The index is arranged in two parts:

1. A list of all the index headings (PDF, 27KB)

2. The full text of the index:

  • Index headings A-D (PDF, 585KB)
  • Index headings E-L (PDF, 312KB)
  • Index headings M-P (PFD, 406KB)
  • Index headings Q-Z (PDF, 334KB)

The index is arranged according to the index headings. Under each heading is the following information divided into three colums:

  • Date - date of the document or documents (year only). Where the document is not dated ('nd'), the following convention has been used to indicate the range in which the date may fall eg nd (1548x1582) - this denotes a date somewhere between 1548 and 1582
  • Reference - OUA reference code for the document(s)
  • Description - brief description of the document(s) which may include specific dates, references to published sources of information or editions of the documents

Abbreviated forms of publications used in the index:

  • Bibliography - Cordeaux and Merry, Bibliography of Printed Works relating to the University of Oxford (1968)
  • Enactments - LL Shadwell, Enactments in Parliament (1912)
  • Mediaeval Archives - HE Salter, Mediaeval Archives of the University of Oxford (Oxford Historical Society, 2 vols, 1920-1)
  • Records - WH Turner, Selections from the records of the City of Oxford with extracts from other documents illustrating the municipal history: 1509-1583 (1880)
  • Statuta Antiqua - Strickland Gibson, Statuta Antiqua Universitatis Oxoniensis (1931)
  • Survey - HE Salter, Survey of Oxford (Oxford Historical Society, 2 vols, 1960 and 1969)

For further details of the procedure for consulting documents from the Archives, please see our Access information. Should you wish to make an enquiry to the Archives about the Index, or any documents listed in it, please contact us.

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