Using Symplectic Elements to deposit in ORA

If possible, we recommend you view the PDF version of these instructions, which includes screenshots.

Symplectic Elements holds bibliographic details of publications. Once you have verified details of a publication in Symplectic Elements as yours, you can easily deposit a copy of the full text in the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) through your Elements user account. The bibliographic information transfers across to ORA together with the full text file, removing the need for manual data entry in ORA.

Symplectic Elements is managed by Research Services. ORA is maintained and managed by the Bodleian Libraries.

General instructions about Symplectic Elements and how to create an account are available on the Research Support website.


1. Select a publication in Symplectic Elements

Go to Click on Log-in to Symplectic on right hand side. You will need your Oxford SSO/WebAuth username and password.

Once you have logged in to Symplectic Elements, you will see the list of your claimed publications (My Elements / Publications). This is the summary page.

You can only deposit the full text of publications you have claimed (under the Mine tab). Research Services provides instructions on how to claim your publications.  Click Symplectic Elements Quick Start Guide on the right hand side. Instructions are on page 2.)

Click on the title of the work of which you'd like to add full text to ORA. This will take you to the page for this work.

A brief version of the SHERPA/RoMEO information will be displayed. SHERPA/RoMEO provides a summary of journal publishers' policies about deposit of full text in electronic archives/repositories such as ORA.


2. Help us to help you

In order to help us compile reports to funding agencies, and allow ORA staff to offer support with both publisher and funder policies, please enter the following on the main research page:

  1. Click on Edit record [blue button on RHS of record].  
  2. Scroll down to the Notes box.
  3. Add the following (if relevant):
    1. Funding body: [INSERT FUNDING BODY NAME];
    2. Grant/Award number: [INSERT GRANT/AWARD NUMBER]; and
    3. Full text in ORA embargoed until [DD/MM/YYYY].
  4. Click Save [blue button bottom RHS]. 

3. Check publisher policy

Click on the Upload new file button. This takes you to the Manage Full Text page. Note the fuller SHERPA/RoMEO information.

NOTE: SHERPA/RoMEO provides a good summary. However, we recommend you check the specific journal policy for permissions (see link on SHERPA/RoMEO record). Contact if you need help.

If your publisher requires an embargo period, write a note in the notes box (see step 2) or contact ORA to embargo the full text.

If you are unsure about what you are permitted to deposit in ORA either:

  1. Deposit your submitted final peer-reviewed version (eg MS Word format). ORA staff will check on your behalf; if you are permitted to use the publisher's PDF we can replace your supplied version.
  2. Contact to ask for help. 

4. Select your file to deposit

Click on the Browse… button and select the file you want to deposit in ORA.

Then click the Upload button.


5. Grant archiving rights

You are prompted to grant the archiving rights to ORA. Click on Distribution / archiving rights to read the text of the licence, then Click on the Grant button to accept. A message will show that you have granted the licence.


Your submission will be reviewed by ORA staff

Providing the file has been uploaded and the distribution/archiving rights have been granted to the digital repository, the bibliographic details and the full text file will have been sent to ORA. The submission will be checked before it appears on the open access ORA website.



For help contact

ORA helpdesk (01865) (2) 83809

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