Take-down Policy

Notice and take-down procedure

Every effort has been made to ensure that nothing in the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) infringes UK law. Should you discover any content in ORA you believe does infringe any law or rights you may possess, please send details to the ORA Service & Development Manager using the ORA Complaints Form (or contact ORA@bodleian.ox.ac.uk for a copy of the form). This outlines the information we will need to help us identify the resource that is the subject of your complaint.

We would normally expect to respond to your communication within 20 working days of receiving it.

What happens next?

On receipt of your complaint we will:

1. Acknowledge your complaint;

2. Make an initial judgment of the validity of the complaint and:

a. if your complaint is plausible based on UK law, the resource will be removed or access will be suspended pending verification of the complaint ;

b. if we judge the complaint implausible or incorrect, we will inform you of this and our reasons;

3. Where necessary we will seek professional legal advice on your complaint;

4. We will advise the person who deposited the resource about which you are complaining, outline the nature of the complaint and give them the opportunity to refute the complaint;

5. We will investigate your complaint in full and contact you with the result of this investigation and what action we have taken/will take;

6. If the investigation finds in your favour, we will remove the resource permanently from the repository unless you give us permission to retain it. A metadata record of the item may remain in ORA.

Last updated 18 March 2011 

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