Prior publication concerns

ORA is an excellent means to disseminate research quickly. It can be used to distribute early versions of work such as working and discussion papers and other formative versions of research outputs.

Distribution of early versions forms a natural part of the academic exchange and review process in many disciplines.

Publishers vary in their attitudes towards online distribution of early versions. The list below is intended to be a quick guide to some of the major publishers. Click on the publisher's name to read their policy. If in doubt, authors should check with their publisher (ORA staff will do this on your behalf if authors prefer).

For prior publication for digital theses see Oxford e-Theses help

PublisherPermit distribution of early versions via ORA?
ScienceContact publisher
Nature On servers with access limited only to the scientific community
OUP Yes (but not post-publication)
T & F Yes (with acknowledgement)
American Physiological Society Yes

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