Depositing in ORA

How to deposit your work in ORA:

Deposit to ORA for Act on Acceptance is done via Symplectic Elements at Oxford (SE). Guidance regarding Act on Acceptance and to using the AAM or 'Quick' deposit form can be found on the Open Access Oxford web pages - see Act on Acceptance

The deposit form for SE can be reached through:

Login to SE accounts is accessible using Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials. Quick start guides and further information can be found at: 

All deposits are checked by ORA review staff ( before being passed to the archive. 

For depositing the digital copy of your thesis in ORA

Please see our Oxford e-Theses LibGuide.

For help depositing your research data in ORA

Please see our ORA-Data LibGuide and the ORA-Data Summary of Policies.


Who can use ORA?

Members of the University of Oxford University may deposit in the ORA. Items co-authored by academics at other institutions are permitted, providing at least one author is affiliated to Oxford. Deposit of such items must be by the Oxford author (or their representative). Other members of the University may deposit on behalf of Oxford researchers, for example a member of administrative staff.

While deposit is only open to members of the University of Oxford, anyone with internet access may search ORA and most of the items held in ORA are freely available to anyone with internet access.

What can be deposited? 

ORA is a store for any digital items produced as a result of scholarly research. Items acceptable for deposit include, but are not limited to:

  • Journal articles
  • Theses (research degrees)
  • Conference items (papers, posters etc)
  • Books and book sections
  • Working and discussion papers
  • Any other digital items produced as a direct result of research activity such as reports, questionnaires, diagrams, studies


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