Open Access and ORA

ORA aims to make the full text of as many items as possible open access, allowing for dissemination of full-text content freely, available to anyone with Internet access.

By making items open access you are removing any barriers that restrict access to your work. ORA is able to promote and encourage the sharing of the scholarly output produced by the members of the University of Oxford that have been published under Open Access conditions.

Open access work should be properly attributed according to standard academic practice.

There are two methods of making your work open access:

  1. Depositing a copy in ORA (rights permitting - we can help you with copyright queries)
  2. Publishing in an open access journal or in a journal that offers an 'open' option

Some benefits to the members of the University of Oxford include:

  • Free sharing of knowledge to the academic community
  • Promotes engagement with the work - more easily accessible and therefore more likely to be read and cited
  • It makes notoriously elusive items such as some conference papers and posters, unpublished works and out of print items easy to obtain.
  • Publicises the scholarly work and research of the University of Oxford and its members.

ORA supports Open Access and academic compliance with research funder policies such as RCUK and the Wellcome Trust. Compliance with Open Access is becomming increasingly important as more policies become mandated. To find out more about Open Access at Oxford and the University of Oxford's Statement on Open Access, please visit our dedicated Open Access Oxford website.

You can also find out more about open access by following the links below:

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