About ORA

The Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) serves as an institutional repository for the University of Oxford and is home to the scholarly research output of its members. ORA also is the home of Oxford digital theses.

ORA is a permanant and secure archive of the University which preserves an array of research publications, journal articles, conference papers, working papers, theses, reports, book sections and more. Unpublished academic work is also deposited into ORA, maximising the University's research output.

The full-text and abstracts of many of these items are freely available with the numbers increasing daily. Please see Depositing in ORA for information on how to contribute your work to the archive. 

Some of the benefits ORA provides includes:


  • Depositing research outputs in ORA maximises their visibility and makes them easily accessible.
  • ORA is crawled by Google and results in high ranking hits
  • ORA maximises visibility of unpublished items such as reports, working papers and other works.
  • ORA makes research available to those who are not fortunate to have subscriptions to literature (open access).

Meeting research funder requirements

  • ORA supports Open Access and promotes dissemination of scholarly research freely on the web. Please see Open Access and ORA for more information. 

 Long-term curation

  • Deposited items are held in the Bodleian Libraries archival store
  • Every item is assigned a persistent URL which will not 'die'


ORA is connected with Symplectic for easy deposit


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