SOLO: changes to display of locations (multiple shelfmarks and stack requests at reading rooms)

20 September 2012

On 20 September two changes will be made to the way SOLO displays location information. These changes will improve the visibility of all the available locations for an item, as well as make it easier to see when an item has been requested to a reading room.

1. Suppression of top-level shelfmark details

Currently if a library has items at more than one shelfmark or location, only one shelfmark is displayed on the Find & Request tab. It is then necessary to expand the location using the + sign to see all the shelfmarks. This sign is easily overlooked, and alternative locations may be missed. This change will remove the shelfmark from the first screen, so that shelfmark information will only be visible once the location has been expanded to show the full location details.

2. Change to display of reading room locations

When an item is called up to a reading room, its location on SOLO changes from the ‘owning’ library to the reading room where it is being held on reserve. In order to make this clearer, reading room locations will be renamed to ‘At Reading Room: …’. The owning location will then display a message to prompt you to check other locations to find where the item is currently held.

Both of these changes can be seen in the image below:

SOLO screenshot

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