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Group study and training rooms are available in the Cairns Library and the Knowledge Centre for the use of all members of the library. Each room can be booked for small group use. The rooms are for library members who need to work together on projects or for small teaching groups.


Cairns Library

The Cairns Library has a Study Pod which is located is located in the library reception area. The study pod has seating for around six people. There is a large plasma screen which is easy to use - simply plug in your device with the HDMI cable and view. Access to the internet is provided through the library WiFi. This include the usual WiFi providers including eduroam, OWL, OUH-Guest, etc.


Cairns room bookings can be made for a period of up to two hours. Bookings can be made for the same week by filling in the booking sheet on the door of the room, or by calling (01865 2)21936. If a room is free, it can be booked and used immediately. If a room is not claimed within 15 minutes of the booked time, it can be used by other people. The room should be cleared five minutes before the end of the booking period, and left how you would like to find it. Please keep the door closed when the room is occupied.


The Beeson Room is the IT training room and is inside the Cairns Library in the John Radcliffe Hospital. It can be booked by external users for a small fee. Please complete the Beeson Room Booking Form and return it to In the room there is an LCD projector and an amplifier. The movable tables allow a flexible layout, and there is a white board and flipchart pens available on request at the library desk. There are 9 computers on the University of Oxford network (including the presenter's), and 10 computers on the OUH network (including the presenter's).


Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre has a Group Study/Training Room which is located just inside the Knowledge Centre, Old Road Campus. There is seating for up to twelve people with moveable furniture allowing flexible layout. There is a flip chart, with pens to borrow on request at the library desk. You can use the data projector and projector screen and there are 6 laptops with access to networked data points. The room can be booked by calling the Knowledge Centre Help Desk on (01865 2)89410. If the room is not claimed within ten minutes of the booked time, it can be used by other people. If the room is booked at least one day in advance, access to laptops and projector can be arranged and furniture can be set up to your requirements. The room may be used on an "on demand" basis at the discretion of the Knowledge Centre staff on duty at the time.

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