IT Facilities

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24 hour access

All BHCL members have 24 hour access to the facilities at the Cairns Library and the NOC. IT facilities are available at the Knowledge Centre 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday, and at the Horton Library 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.




Internet access is available from all the PCs, and applications including;Microsoft Office (including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), PDF Converter software, Endnote Reference Management, GIMP image editing software, and statistics software. You can also use a variety of databases and the Internet.



Printing, Copying & Scanning (PCAS) Facilities

At the Cairns, Knowledge Centre and NOC libraries, in order to print, scan or copy, you will need to access your PCAS account and add credit. PCAS accounts use your Bodleian Libraries username and password. At the Horton Library you can print, copy, and scan and you pay for this at the library desk.


The current costs for printing, copying and scanning are:

B/W A4
B/W A3
Col A4
Col A3


For more information, see the Bodleian guide to PCAS 



Wireless Access

You are welcome to bring your own laptop computer into the Libraries. Some desks are provided with power sockets and network connections.


There are a number of wireless networks available in most of our libraries.


•   Bodleian-Libraries: use your Bodleian Libraries barcode and password to gain access to the network and to resources that are not available via OWL. Not available at the Horton Library.

•   OUH Guest - just connect, but is unsecured

•   Eduroam - for university staff and students

•   BT Openzone  - just connect, but is unsecured

•   OWL (Oxford Wireless LAN) - for university staff and students




iPad and laptop lending

At the Knowledge Centre and the Cairns Library, you can borrow a laptop for a week. These can be issued during normal staffed hours. At the Cairns Library you can also borrow an iPad. Please contact us to enquire about this service. 
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