Henry Stewart Talks renewed

23 January 2009

OULS subscription to Henry Stewart Talks is being renewed for 2009. Available via the University network, these animated audio visual presentations, by leaders in their field, are aimed at faculty, students and researchers in biomedicine and the life sciences.

Each talk has been catalogued in our resource discovery system SOLO http://solo.ouls.ox.ac.uk. A search on SOLO can retrieve talks at the same time as books etc.

The full list can also be browsed and searched directly via www.hstalks.com/access 

This growing collection now stands at 850 talks, organized into 40 series, covering fundamentals and the latest advances. 

Topics include:  Apoptosis, Calcium Signaling, Drug Metabolizing Enzymes, Epigenetics, Eukaryotic Gene Regulation, Evolution and Medicine, From DNA to proteins, Monoclonal antibodies, Neurodegenerative Diseases, RNAi, Stem Cells, Viruses.  

Oxford University is the world's heaviest user of this resource, which has been described as ‘oddly compelling’ and ‘totally engrossing’.

Please send any feedback or queries to Juliet Ralph, Life Sciences & Medicine Librarian.

Thanks are due to the Dunn School of Pathology for their support. 

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