20,000 years of journal publishing added to OULS e-resources

20 January 2009    

Thanks to generous funding from the University in support of the Library’s academic programme, OULS has been able to acquire the largest number of e-journal backfiles in its history. Readers in Oxford now have access to an additional 20,000 years of journal publishing from their desktops which was previously only, if at all, available as physical volumes on the shelves of their libraries.

The new titles are from four publishers and cover many titles in high demand:

  • Taylor & Francis: 420 titles
  • Blackwell Publishing: 329 titles
  • Wiley: 230 titles
  • Nature: 1 title

A few examples of journal titles now available 24x7 at researchers’ computers include: Annalen der Physik (1799-), Journal of Management Studies (1964-), Imago Mundi (1935-), English Studies (1919-), Applied Economics (1969-), Historian (1938-), and Nature (1869-).

Readers have requested electronic access to the complete runs of journals for the added functionality and convenience offered through this medium.

There is already extensive use of ScienceDirect (Elsevier), JSTOR and OUP backfiles. OULS intends to continue extending its electronic backfile collection over the next months to include packages from smaller publishers.

Dr Sarah Thomas, Bodley’s Librarian and Director, OULS, said: ‘Our goal is to provide services that anticipate and respond to the needs of our users.  Online journals are a fundamental asset for 21st century scholars.  The retrospective journal files we are providing will benefit  academics and researchers across the disciplines.’
All e-journals are available through the dedicated e-journal list (http://ejournals.ouls.ox.ac.uk) or SOLO (http://solo.ouls.ox.ac.uk).

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