Audio-visual equipment 

There are facilities in the library for listening to all formats of sound recordings. The Multimedia Resource Centre (MRC) contains CD players and a vinyl record player. 2 USB superdrives (CD and DVD RW) are available on request from the library desk, which may be plugged in to the iMacs to enable listening to and creating sound discs and DVDs. Equipment for listening to audio cassettes is also available. Please ask staff for details.

Tracks from Naxos Music Library may be streamed on any of the machines in the MFL using headphones, which may be checked out from the library desk.

The Audio-Visual Resources Room is on the second floor. There is an HD television, a VCR and a Blu Ray player for viewing the Library's collection of opera and films. 

Microfilms and microfiche 

The library has a machine for reading microfilms and microfiches, located in the photocopy room. Many items in the microfilm collection are on SOLO. Some may be found in the card catalogue and a handlist is also available. However, there are a number of microfilms still awaiting cataloguing so, if a particular film cannot be located in the finding aids, it is always worth asking the staff.

There are currently no facilities at the Music Faculty Library to print or scan from microfilm but microfilms may be transferred to the Bodleian Library, on request, where these facilities exist. 

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