Shandel-Lipson Archive

The Shandel/Lipson Collection, a unique source for biographical studies on Sir Moses Montefiore, was formed by the Revd Herman Shandel, Hazan of the Ramsgate Synagogue for forty-eight years from 1876. He acted as minister, reader and shochet during the last years of Sir Moses Montefiore, founder and patron of the synagogue, at whose funeral he helped officiate, and was administrator of the synagogue, the College and the East Cliff Lodge Estate during the difficult years that followed Sir Moses's death in 1885.

Herman Shandel was a widely-read scholar who built up a large library and collection of Montefioriana. When Sir Joseph Sebag Montefiore, Sir Moses's heir, carried out his uncle's instructions and burnt his personal papers, the Revd Shandel rescued some of the documents from the pyre. He was also a keen amateur photographer and made photograph copies of documents and photographs in the Montefiore collection, and also hundreds of glass slides of aspects of Montefioriana and of the Holy Land for use in the public lectures he gave on Sir Moses's and his own travels to the Holy Land. After his death in 1924 most of his collection passed to his son, the Revd Solomon Lipson, a United Synagogue minister and, like his father, Chaplain of the Forces. From him, the collection passed to his son, Eric Lipson, and other members of his family. Since father and son added documents, letters and ephemera, the combined collection is called the Shandel/Lipson Collection. The Shandel part of the collection contains the most valuable items, including two handwritten, unpublished diaries of Lady Judith Montefiore, letters by her and Sir Moses and Sir Moses's passport. The Lipson items provide insight into the work of a United Synagogue minister and Chaplain to the Forces.

The Trustees of the Shandel/Lipson Collection have deposited their collection on permanent loan at the Centre's Library.
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