Review of BHCL Service Standards - please give us your feedback

We are currently reviewing BHCL's library service standards and we would be very grateful for your input. 

We have drawn up a straw man set of revised standards intended to generate discussion and we are very keen to get your thoughts, comments and suggestions. These currently cover several core areas of our services. We've created some feedback forms that allow you to comment as much or as little as you like against any or several of these areas.

Please click on the relevant link to give us your comments/thoughts/feedback on any of the draft standards:

For example, are these areas of our service that matter to you? Are the proposed standards as drafted too vague or too specific? Have we missed anything important under any of the sections or have we missed any areas of our services that are important to you? Have you any other comments/thoughts/feedback in this area that you would like us to hear?

Many thanks!

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