New Joanna Briggs Institute Evidence Based Practice Support Materials

All members of the University now have online access to The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI)  Book Collection. This unique book series of 24 premium titles provides the tools to help:

- Understand the JBI model of evidence-based healthcare
- Appraise qualitative and quantitative research
- Appraise evidence from intervention and diagnostic accuracy studies
- Learn ways to minimize risks from adverse events

The titles now available are:
·         CAN-Implement©: Planning for Best-Practice Implementation
·         Clinical Wisdom and Evidence-Based Healthcare
·         Comparison of Meta-Aggregation and Meta-Ethnography as Qualitative Review Methods, A
·         Critically Appraising Evidence for Healthcare
·         Guideline Adaptation: Conducting Systematic, Exhaustive, and Reproducible Searches
·         Historical Emergence of Qualitative Synthesis, The
·         Implementing Evidence Using an Action Research Framework
·         International Collaboration in Translational Health Science
·         Knowledge Translation in Healthcare
·         Mixed Methods Approach to Evidence Synthesis, A
·         Public Engagement in Translating Knowledge to Action
·         Stakeholder Engagement: The Role of Tacit Knowledge and Value Statements in Translation Science
·         Statistics for Systematic Review Authors
·         Synthesis of Prevalence and Incidence Data, The
·         Synthesizing Descriptive Evidence
·         Synthesizing Economic Evidence
·         Synthesizing Evidence from Narrative, Text and Opinion
·         Synthesizing Evidence of Diagnostic Accuracy
·         Synthesizing Evidence of Harm
·         Synthesizing Evidence of Risk
·         Synthesizing Qualitative Evidence
·         Synthesizing Quantitative Evidence
·         Translation Science and the JBI Model of Evidence-Based Healthcare
·         Turning Knowledge into Action: Practical Guidance on How to Do Integrated Knowledge Translation Research

All titles are now available via SOLO.

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