MAH Complete - March Resource of the Month

MAH Complete is a collection of 25 journals, the UK's widest range of clinical nursing journals as well as leading titles in midwifery, dental nursing, and pre-hospital care. The available titles include British Journal of Healthcare Management, British Journal of Nursing, and British Journal of Midwifery. These are practical and accessible peer-reviewed titles that support the education and professional development of students and practitioners alike.

You can see the available journals here.

There are three ways to access the resource:

1. Log in to your OpenAthens account and click on the ‘MAH Complete’ link, which will take you to the MAH Complete website. Click on the journal you wish to access. Once you have found the article you are interested in, click on the ‘FULL TEXT’ or ‘PDF’ link.

2. Log in to your OpenAthens account and click on the ‘NICE Evidence Journals and Databases’ link. Then, under ‘Journals’, click on ‘A-Z list of available journals’. You can type the title of the journal in the search box, or simply browse the list.

3.Go to MAH Complete website directly and signing in via OpenAthens when prompted.

If you have any queries, please contact us:
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