EQUATOR Network December 2014 Newsletter - promoting good health research reporting practice

The EQUATOR Network newsletter (December 2014 issue) is now available online at:

It includes information about:

* Top websites sending users to EQUATOR resources
* First EQUATOR Reporting Guideline Development Meeting
* EQUATOR Canada Centre launched
* New book from EQUATOR
* Journals and industry collaborate on new authorship framework
* Linked publications from a single trial: a thread of evidence
* Blog post by Ginny Barbour: Iíve got a (lot of) little (check)lists
* Resource tiered reviews-a provisional reporting checklist
* Spanish website update
* New guidelines added to the database of reporting guidelines
* New reporting guidelines under development
* Research Waste / EQUATOR Conference 2015
* 2015 European Meeting of ISMPP
* Research Integrity conference
* Follow us on social media

The EQUATOR Network is an international initiative providing online resources, education and training supporting good health research reporting practice, and supports the development of robust reporting guidelines. EQUATOR website: http://www.equator-network.org/
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