Access to UpToDate has changed to UpToDate Anywhere and is now available via an individual username and password. Once registered, you will have access from any web browser and up to two mobile devices, including via the new UpToDate app on your smartphone or tablet.

For Medical Students and other members of the MSD:

You’ll need to sign up by going to UpToDate via either of the below:

Oxlip+ - http://oxlip-plus.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/ or SOLO - http://solo.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/.

You’ll be taken to the University of Oxford Single Sign-On screen and once you’ve signed in you’ll be taken to a webpage to create an account. You can then use your individual username and password to log in via the web and the UpToDate app.

NHS users:

You can still access UpToDate via your NHS OpenAthens account but can also register for UpToDate Anywhere and use the UpToDate app.

To sign up, please go to the OUH intranet home page - http://ouh.oxnet.nhs.uk and click on UpToDate from the link on bottom right hand side of the page in the “Clinical Resources” section. Then click on the “Login/Register” tab in the upper right hand corner of the UpToDate page. If you already have an account with UpToDate, then log in using your existing credentials. To create a new account, please register as a new user and create your username and password.

UPTODATE ANYWHERE MOBILE APPS: You are now able to download any of the mobile apps on up to two devices: Go to your respective App Store on your device and download the free UpToDate Mobile App. Once it has downloaded, please use the UpToDate username and password you created during the registration process to log in.


You need to verify affiliation with your institution every 90 days to maintain mobile and remote access. For more information on the verification process, choose one of the below:

MSD members click here

OUH Trust members click here

Please Note: In-application & email messaging will inform you of the need to verify affiliation if you have not done so by Day 80. You will receive a second alert at Day 90.

If you fail to re-verify by Day 90, you will lose mobile and remote access. To regain access, please complete the re-verification process outlined above.

If you have any queries please contact us.

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