Off-Site Access

Which login do I need?

To access e-books, e-journals, and other electronic resources, you will need your Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO). It is the same username and password that you use to access your Oxford University email. If you are a member of Oxford University and are on campus, on the University network (not Wi-Fi), you will be able to access most electronic resources without requiring a username and password.

If you are off campus log in to SOLO with your SSO. This will give you remote access to all ebook platforms as well as all databases, electronic reference works and e-journal packages.

If you have forgotten your SSO or need help with it please visit the IT Services username web page.

Additional logins

There might be additional layers of authentication when accessing electronic resources off site. The authentication system used by Oxford University is called ‘Shibboleth’. When logging into an electronic resource you might see one of the below:
• Log in with Shibboleth
• Shibboleth users go here
• Institutional Login
• Log in via your institution
• Login via UK HE Federation
• Login via UK Federation
• Log in via UK Access Management Federation

Once you have chosen the University of Oxford as your home institution you will be taken to the SSO screen.

Accessing electronic legal deposit (eLD) materials

Some items on SOLO are received under electronic legal deposit (eLD) legislation. This includes all the items with the following notice in description: "Online access is restricted: available via Bodleian Libraries reading room PCs only". Such items cannot be accessed off campus due to licensing restrictions.

For more information on remote (off site) access to licensed electronic resources see here.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

Some Oxford University online resources (particularly web pages) can only be accessed by computers that are directly connected to the Oxford University campus network. These restricted services include:

  • Connecting to local departmental services
  • Some departmental and college pages, e.g. some IT Services Shop price lists

Access to these restricted resources from outside the campus network is provided via the IT Services Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service. A VPN connection provides your computer with virtual connection to the campus network – it then behaves exactly as it would if you were actually on-campus.

You will also need to use the VPN service if you want to connect to the University network using OWL for University members. In addition, you cannot access files via Microsoft file-sharing unless you are using a computer directly connected to the Oxford University Network.

You don't need to use the VPN service if:

  • You are only accessing unrestricted services such as email, etc.
  • You need to access the library search page SOLO; however you will need to sign in.

For more information visit the University's IT Help page on VPN.

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