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COVID-19 Update

This a brief update on your access to online textbooks and other online resources when you are away from the University.  All of these are available via your University Single-Sign-On username and password (you may sometimes see this described as Shibboleth or UK Access Management Federation).

Individual textbooks - Many of your reading list textbooks are already available online and we are working hard to find and buy online versions of as many others as we can.  If we have an online version of a textbook you can find it in SOLO or via our online reading list service ORLO (links via Canvas or directly at

New textbook collections – LWW and Elsevier.  We have just signed up for trial access to two large online medical textbook collections Elsevier ClinicalKey Student ( - available until the end of June) and LWW Health Library (  - available until the end of May).   Both contain hundreds of medical textbooks and we’d be very grateful for your feedback on these.

And please don’t forget that you still have access to also have access to other ebook collections and similar packages such as Oxford Medicine Online (, Acland’s Anatomy, and UpToDate (see and (for clinical students) BMJ Best Practice. (

Please let us know if there are any textbooks to which you need online access and we’ll try and get this set up.

Please remember that our staff are still available to support you with help, advice and training via email, phone and Skype – please email or call 01865 221936.


There are millions of resources, both online and in print, in the Bodleian Libraries’ collections. To check the availability of books and other resources go to the University’s library catalogue, SOLO. You can access our online content from any computer on the University network or by using your Oxford University SSO (Single Sign-On) when not on a University site. Almost all of our online resources are accessible from anywhere with your SSO. If you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us or try our document supply service. A comprehensive help guide for finding electronic resources is available here.

Borrowing books

Almost all of the books in the Bodleian Health Care Libraries can be borrowed with your University card, though you will need to check in advance at one of our library helpdesks that your borrowing rights have been activated. At BHCL you can borrow up to ten books for two weeks and can renew a book 26 times as long as no one else has requested it. To renew books sign-in to SOLO or email us at or call 01865 221936 – out of staffed hours you can leave a message on the answerphone. Please remember to provide your name, library card number and a contact number.

Before your books become overdue you will receive a reminder email. We do charge fines for late returns (or late renewals) of 50p per book per day. Fines can be paid at any Bodleian Library and can also be paid online using a credit or debit card. Go to the University Online Stores page and select the fine payments page of any one of the libraries to which you owe fines.

For the lending policies of other Bodleian libraries please refer to the relevant library's webpages.

Accessing an e-book

Two types of e-books are available via SOLO. Items with a green dot can be read from anywhere on the University network, or off campus with your SSO. An orange dot signifies electronic legal deposit (eLD) items, which, due to licensing restrictions, can only be accessed from a reader PC in one of the Bodleian Libraries. For more information on ebooks at Oxford see our help guide.

If you can't find the e-book you want 

If the book you are looking for is not available as an e-book remember to check SOLO for a print copy. Some BHCL and RSL books can be transferred between the various BHCL and RSL sites on request; to do so email or with the book and delivery site details. Reference books stored offsite (also described as “closed stack” in SOLO) can also be requested to any of our libraries via SOLO if you have signed-in.

Our document supply service can source articles, chapters, and books that are not directly accessible from our collections.

New books 

For details of books recently added to our collections click here.

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