Arrangement of Monographs

 The books on the legal systems and the law of the constituent jurisdictions of the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Channel Islands, Ireland, Isle of Man, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, and the United States of America have been arranged according to the Moys Classification System.  (See more below.)
 The books relating to Roman law, Public international law, and Criminology are classified according to in-house schemes, as outlined further below. Please scroll down the page or use the hyperlinked topics.  

In addition, the Law Library has distinct collections on foreign jurisdictions not listed above, European Union law, individual religious legal systems, comparative law, private international law, and jurisprudence (legal philosophy). The books in these collections are simply arranged alphabetically by author or editor, with no further topic arrangement. 
NB. The Law Library is, as of 2017/2018, part way through a project to convert more of its holdings to Moys. This means that some titles on comparative law will be shelved at KB, some titles on legal philosophy at KA.

Moys classification : overview 

Works dealing with the law of the UK as a whole or the jurisdiction of England & Wales are shelved first in the shelf mark sequence, followed by the other jurisdictions.
In the majority of cases, jurisdictions other than UK/England and Wales are distinguished by the following geographical codes in the third line of the shelfmark: Australia A8, Canada C1, Guernsey G8, Ireland I5, Isle of Man I7, Jersey J2, New Zealand N4, Northern Ireland N8, Scotland S3, United States of America U4, and Wales W1.
KN 10 TRE 2004 is the shelf mark for a work on the English law of contract
KN 10 I5 MCD 2001 for one on Irish law of contract
KN 10 U4 WIL for one on the American law of contract


KL Legal System

KL 1 - KL 44
Legal System (note KL 40 Legal Dictionaries)
KL 50 - KL 119
Legal Profession
KL 130 - KL 149
Legal Education & Training
KL 155 - KL 179
Legal Research, Law Reform
KL 200 - KL 319
Administration of Justice (organization, powers, jurisdictions of courts)

KM Public Law


KM 1 - KM 29 General works
KM 31 - KM 141 Constitutional and administrative law (general)
KM 171 - KM 199 Citizenship
KM 201 - KM 229 Civil and human rights
KM 231 - KM 259 Government
KM 300 - KM 307 Administrative Law
KM 331 - KM 354 Public finance
KM 355 KM 359 Taxation
KM 361 - KM 391 Local Government
KM 400 KM 416 Military law (includes martial law)
KM 500 KM 565 Criminal law
KM 570 - KM 690 Criminal procedure

KN Private Law

KN 5
Law of obligations (general works on both contract & tort)
KN 10 KN 25 Contracts, restitution, agency
KN 30 - KN 39 Torts
KN 50 - KN 58 Property law (general works, ownership)
KN 60 - KN 93 Real Property
KN 94 - KN 98 Environmental law, planning law
KN 100 - KN 118 Personal Property
(For negotiable instruments, stocks & shares see KN304-306)
KN 111 - KN 114 IP, copyright, industrial property, patents
KN 120 - KN 143 Inheritance and succession
KN 150 - KN 169 Law of Persons
KN 170 - KN 176 Family Law
KN 180 - KN 182 Social security, social services, community care
KN 184
Education, arts, museums
KN 185 - KN 186 Public health, medical law
KN 190 - KN 198 Employment law, industrial relations law
KN 200 KN 235 Equity
KN 250 - KN 255 Commercial law, trade law
KN 256
Commercial arbitration
KN 260 - KN 279 Company law
KN 266 Competition law
KN 280 - KN 287 Sale of goods
KN 284 Consumer protection
KN 290 - KN 295 Insurance
KN 300 - KN 315 Finance, investment
KN 320 - KN 329 Transport (except maritime)
KN 330 - KN 338 Maritime law
KN 340 - KN 346 Communications, media law
KN 347 - KN 348 Computer law, computer technology
KN 349 Censorship
KN 350 - KN 397 Procedure (general works, civil procedure)
(For criminal procedure see KM 570-690)


KZ English Legal Reference

KZ 1Halsbury's Laws of England 
KZ 2Halsbury's Statutes
KZ 3Halsbury's Statutory Instruments
KZ 4The Digest: annotated British, Commonwealth and European cases  
KZ 5Current Law Statutes Annotated
KZ 6Current Law Statutes Legislation Citator
KZ 7Current Law Year Book
 KZ 8Current Law Case Citator
 KZ 9 Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents (EF&P)
KZ 10 Atkin's Court Forms


Roman Law

Roman 500 General
Roman 510-601 Legal sources and literature
Roman 610 Dictionaries
Roman 620-625 Lay sources and literature
Roman 630 Law of persons
Roman 635 Law of property
Roman 640-642 Law of obligations
Roman 645 Law of succession
Roman 650 Law of actions and procedure
Roman 655 Criminal law
Roman 660 Constitutional law
Roman 670
Juristic epigraphy and papyrology, and the law of Greco-Roman Egypt
Roman 675 Byzantine law
Roman 680 Collected and collective works and historiography
Roman 690 Encyclopaedias and bibliographies


Public International Law

Internat 400
Internat 450 Legal dictionaries
Internat 500 General and theory
Internat 510
Internat 520
Title to territory
Internat 530
The state (as a legal entity)
Internat 535
Dependent states and special regimes
Internat 540
State succession
Internat 545
Internat 550
Internat 555
State responsibility
Internat 560
Jurisdiction of states
Internat 565
Internat 570
Human rights
Internat 575
European Court of Human Rights: literature
Internat 580
International crimes
Internat 590
Economic law
Internat 600
Atomic energy
Internat 610
Social legislation and organisation
Internat 620
Transport and communications (except sea, air and space)
Internat 630
Law of the sea and waterways
Internat 640
Air law
Internat 650
Space law
Internat 660
International relations
Internat 670
Treaties (theory etc.)
Internat 680 International organisations: history and general
Internat 681 General and regional political organisations
Internat 685 League of Nations: texts about the LN
Internat 687 United Nations: texts about the UN
Internat 700 Peace and disarmament
Internat 710 International disputes & resolution, arbitration: general & theory
Internat 720 International courts and tribunals: general
Internat 725 Permanent Court of International Justice, International Court of Justice
Internat 730 Permanent court of Arbitration: literature
Internat 740 Individual arbitration tribunals: literature
Internat 750 War and armed conflict
Internat 760 Termination of war (including specific peace treaties)


Criminology and penology

Crim 500General history and theory of criminology; surveys of crime
Crim 520Classification of crimes; criminality of special classes
Crim 525Female delinquency
Crim 530Crimes against the person
Crim 535Sexual offences and offences against decency
Crim 540Crimes of addiction
Crim 545Political crimes
Crim 550Crimes against public order
Crim 560Crimes against property
Crim 565Motor vehicle offences
Crim 570Detection and prevention of crime; criminal science
Crim 575History and organization of the police, including biography and memoirs
Crim 580Secret police and political repression
Crim 590History of crime and collected cases
Crim 595Individual crimes and cases
Crim 600General history and theory of penology
Crim 620Imprisonment
Crim 625Political prisons and concentration camps
Crim 630Corporal punishment
Crim 640Capital punishment
Crim 660Other sanctions -- e.g. fines, exile, etc.
Crim 670Probation, parole and after-care
Crim 700Juvenile delinquency
Crim 710Juvenile courts
Crim 720Treatment of juvenile delinquency


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