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The first digital project of the Bodleian Library, the Toyota Project, focussed on the Motor Car section of the Collection. All motoring ephemera was catalogued at a page level. The site is a stand-alone resource.  It also includes 1,000 sample images from the other Transport sections, detailed indexes of which were created at the same time.

A book Motoring in Britain, 1895-1940 by Julie Anne Lambert and Nick Baldwin was published by Toyota City in association with the Bodleian Library, with text in both English and Japanese The Bodleian copy is at M99.L00055. There is also a copy in the Bodleian Japanese Library.

In 2010, there was a small display of London Transport posters.



Omnibuses (PDF 123kb)

Bicycles (PDF 124kb)

Ports and Harbours

Bills of Lading

Public Highway

Bridges and Tunnels


Canals (PDF 8kb)

Railways (R B Wilson Collection)

Carriages for Hire (PDF 34kb)


Carts, Coaches and Conveyances


Coach Building (PDF 34kb)

Shipping Lines

Coaches (PDF 142kb)

Shipping, Cunard Line

Harbours, Docks and Piers

Toll Gates and Tickets

London Transport Board (PDF 26kb)

Tram Tickets

Motor Cars



Image Galleries

We have created an image gallery of sample images from the Transport sections.


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